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TITLE ASEAN News Letter (June, 2014)
Date 2014.07.02

FILEJune 2014.pdf

ASEAN Insights, University of Indonesia

1. ASEAN and its challenges: Traditional Secruity Issues Facing ASEAN
By Edy Prasetyono, Director of the ASEAN Study Center, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Indonesia

2. ASEAN and the Notion of Regional Security Architecture in Asia
By Dr. Riefqi Muna, a senior fellow at Pacivis Global Civil Society Studies and a researcher at ASEAN Research Group

3. Dissipating Disparity The Case for ASEAN Economic Community
By Dayu Nirma Amurwanti, Operations Officer, World Bank Office Indonesia

ASEAN Updates
1. Reviewing ASEAN and South Korea Cooperation
2. ASEAN Defence Minsiters Defence Cooperation towards ASEAN Community 2015
3. ASEAN Fights against Cubercrime and Terrorism
4. Vietnam and China Dispute over South China Sea Raising Up
5. Thialand Turmoil and Military Coup